The positive influence of Christmas on china's culture (2)

Published: 28th April 2010
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As we all know, Christmas is originally a religious festival in the Christendom. And Christmas is to commemorate the advent of Jesus Christ. I am certainly not about to discuss the origin of Christmas, but we cannot deny that the origin does relate to such a kind of prosperity. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, the emperors made their efforts to control or even forbid international trade. Though this kind of policies had benefits in consolidating their domination, it also objectively set up barriers of communications. As a consequence, the only way to know the outside world was from the missionaries who were the minority and of course could not represent the entire western civilization.8 frankly, the purpose of those missionaries was merely doing some missionary work which included propagating the religious festivals of which Christmas was taking the leading role.

Furthermore, Christmas not only mean a simple festival for Chinese people. It also represents the western culture for us through the celebration of Christmas; we began to know more about western cultures, which broaden our horizon greatly. There are many developed countries in the western world, one of the reasons why they have gained advancement in economy is because the influence of their culture, such as their belief, the way how they treat people and the way how they deal with the problems, etc.11 The celebration of Christmas in China just gives the Chinese people a very good chance to explore more about their culture, which helps to broaden our horizon in a very easy way.

Last, celebrating Christmas and accepting western culture is also a very helpful way to establish good relationship with other countries. For example, every county wants their culture to be accepted and paid attention by other countries, just like we will feel very happy if we know that there will be a very big fire works on Spring Festival in Paris, we will think that France treat China as their friend country and China is also very important to them, and there is no doubt that these two countries will have a very friendly relationship in the future years. Western people also want Chinese people to accept their culture and celebrate their holidays.

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